Quick History

A History of Easton UM Church The first church building of the Easton Community Methodist Episcopal Church, as it was then called, was built in 1868 at the site of the current Easton Cemetery on North Johnson Road. Land for the church was donated by the Snell family. The church was 35×50 feet in size and was heated by two large stoves and lighted by kerosene lamps along the walls. The church bell was rung for every service and at the death of a member. It told the age by the number of times the bell rang. There was a shed for the horses and the ‘necessary’ building out back. The membership was large and covered a 6-square mile area. Prior to this building, the congregation met in a schoolhouse, and can be traced back to 1839.

In 1918, this original church was struck by lightning and the pulpit, altar bible, and a few pews were all that was saved, most of which now reside in the current building. After the fire, the church family was relocated to the Dexter schoolhouse. Through the collection of donations, many chicken dinners and other special events, the new church was built in 1926 on the corner of Johnson and Potters Roads on land donated by Mr. Hiram Brown.

Early in its history, the church was part of a three-point charge composed of Easton,Orleans, and Dildine. The church was later affiliated with the Saranac pastoral charge until 1959 when the congregation was pastored largely by lay speakers until 1966. In 1966, the church joined the five-point charge of Fenwick, Palo, Vickeryville, Orleans, and Easton.

Many of the customs that are still part of our church family were established during this time of growth between 1969 and 1979, including the Garden of Memories, audiotaping the worship service, and the “Hunger Pot- to give to various missions. The majority of the furnishings, windows, sound equipment, and many items in the landscaping were added using Memorial gifts from faithful friends who have passed away over the years, including the church steeple which was added in 1984.

In 1983, additional land was purchased to the east of the church and in 1987 the addition was started on the east end of the building and completed in 1989. The beautiful stained glass windows that line the sanctuary were added in 1992.Most recently, updates have been made to the parking, a new covered pavilion, and interior improvements and landscaping.

Though most of the history speaks directly of the physical structure of the church, Easton’s heritage truly lies in the hearts of its congregation. Easton is “my church” to countless families and the connections to the past run deep. We have members who are second and third generation. We strive to make this a 2011 community place of worship, where everyone can come in, sit down, join the family, and praise God!

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