Greetings to All in the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior
I am forwarding a message from our Michigan Bishop David Bard with his response to the COVID-19 virus. Please take the time to review both our personal and church response.   I will be engaging in daily prayer for all as He continues to guide our world during this crisis. 
In consideration of his message, we will observe the following precautions during our worship services until he advises us otherwise: 1) We will defer from hugging, shaking or holding hands during worship service2) I ask the usher/s who are collecting the offering to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to and after collecting the offering, and to not pass the plate down any of the pews but instead to go both sides of the pew as needed to collect our offering, thus minimizing our contact with the offering plate and 3) I ask when serving snacks/food following worship that we consider one person be responsible (washing hands or using sanitizer before and after)  for gathering of all the snacks/food and wrapping each piece individually so as to minimize the number of people who come in contact with the food we are eating. 
 In addition, hand sanitizer will be available in the back of the sanctuary, welcome area, and soap and water in all bathrooms for your convenience.  I am also asking the cleaning teams to sanitize door handles, bathrooms, kitchens and other items frequency touched before and after each event.  
I thank you for your patience and faith in this very difficult and trying situation which is affecting our daily lives in real and significant ways.  Please advise me or the office of anyone who we may need to reach out to during this time.  Looking forward. 
Always In Him
Pastor Donna