News, News!  We are planning a community garden this spring near our cross in the churchyard!  This garden, in its infancy, will grow squash and pumpkins, maybe some cucumbers, but yes viny, Bind us Together, vines.  This garden needs you!  Pastor Donna has worked for the past 5 years on her Doctorate Degree in Ministry and this garden is the culmination of her work.  Buzz Possehn will be tilling up the garden soil this month and we will need help planting at the end of May.  After that we need help maintaining the garden, fertilizing, watering, weeding, etc., and of course harvesting in the fall. 

This garden will be an open invitation to all of the community to come anytime to share in its fruition.  It will connect city and country life as we learn about and grow vegetables while growing spiritually as nature provides us the means they connect with God’s great creation.   A work in progress, down the road, together we will share recipes, cook, can, and even pick pumpkins together to take home and enjoy.  If you have already joined this project, thank you, and if you read this announcement and hear God calling on you to help, please contact Pastor Donna at 586-255-6228 for more information.

Pastor Donna gratefully thanks the leadership team for their support and encouragement to make this possible.  God Bless all, and may His hand be placed on this endeavor so as to make it real in His name. 

Pastor Donna

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